New Catalytic Cracking Highlights

▪ Cracking reaction without Hydrogen Gas.
▪ Cracking reaction doesn't require stainless steel reactor.
▪ Cracking reaction at relatively moderate temperatures (320 C° - 410 C°)
▪ Cracking reaction with optional bitumen or petcoke alternative byproduct.
▪ Reactive distillation process.
▪ Cracking reaction within 2-4 hours.
▪ Cracking reaction at atmospheric pressure.
▪ Simple Operation with low cost consumable catalyst.
▪ Tail Gases can be used for energy requirement of the processes.
▪ Cracking reaction with high middle distillate selective conversion up to 80 - 90%.
▪ Sulfur is also reduced by 83% during processes from 0.8389% of Residue Sulfur Level down to 0.1523% of Diesel.

Residue and Products Specifications

▪ Lube Recycling Atmospheric Distillation Residue Density is 0.95872 g/cm3, Viscosity
@40°C is 823 cSt Sulfur is 0.8982%.
▪ Catalytic Cracking result in
▪ Liquid Fuel with density of 0.775 g/cm3 and Color of 5.5 which contains Naphtha fraction.
▪ Test results of Diesel as Follows; (If more 8% Naptha is removed Flash Point rises to 65°C
Property Value Units Test Method ASTM
Density 820 kg/m3 D1298
Flash Point 43 °C D93
Sulfur 0.1523 mass% D4294
Viscosity 2.33 @40°C mm 2/5 (cSt) D445
Color 5 D1500

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